My Visit to an IKEA Store in India

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Since I love travelling, I often fantasize on how would I feel If I get a chance to visit any European country. The continent of Europe is filled with down to earth buildings, like-minded people and a hub of innovation. There is no need to explain more about the Nordic Countries of Sweden, Finland and Norway where the only drawback of visiting there is enduring the extreme winter season. Coming to the topic, IKEA, a Swedish Market player in Household items and organization has now become a well-known brand for the urban Indians. So, I was like why not I visit India’s first IKEA store, in Hyderabad and here is what I have found.

My First view of the building.

As I was few meters away from the store, I can able to see this building, which looks like a stadium, I can also see both Indian and Swedish flag soaring higher which was eye-catching. Once I made my way inside, I was like WOW! What an interior. I don’t think I can find this type of interior in any Indian store.

Taking a tour Into the store.

As I was mesmerized with the interiors, I have then went on to explore the store. I can see a small brochure and a pencil tray where I can write the lists to buy to avoid reminding myself on what to buy. The small pocket brochure is filled with the household categories and its numbers so that It will be easy to locate what I’m looking for.

After walking a few steps inside the store, I was motivated to buy a travel accessory. I was then guided by the staff to reach the separate section for travel accessories. On my way, I came across the products like Kitchen accessories, Bedroom, Living room and Lightning, I can find the products unique and sophisticated. The name of the each product is written both in English and Swedish along with Price tag.

Product quality

No doubt, the products in the IKEA store are of top quality. With most of the products being exported, it becomes easy to trust the products without getting the staff’s approval. Also, One of the unique things I have found while exploring the products is that the designer’s name is displayed on the products as royalty. On the other hand, there are a wide range of products that made me difficult to find out what we exactly want to buy, so I was recommended to use IKEA online app to save the effort.

What did I buy?

I bought myself a toiletry bag(700 INR) and a notebook(72 INR).

What I was not happy with the store.

  1. Less User Friendliness

There were some instances where I want the store to work on delivering a great customer service experience. First of all, The store lacks user-friendliness, It was difficult for me to find the item I was looking, I had to stroll here and there and I  had to rely on the staff for directions. It was tiring to walk more and more to find the product I was looking for and I got little frustrated. I feel that user accessibility should be implemented so that they find themselves comfortable while buying.

2. Food

There is a restaurant inside the store, that offers both Indian and Swedish dishes. I ordered a Swedish dish of Veg balls and Rasberry Juice. My plate was filled with Veggie Balls, gravy, Some White Kesari like pudding, Jelly and Corn cum carrot salad. I tried the Kesari and it tasted horrible, no sugar or no salt. I tasted the Veggie balls and jelly and again I didn’t like it, So I left it half and I tried having Raspberry Juice and that tasted very sour. I seriously don’t know how the Swedish can able to eat these dishes and feel satisfied. I had no other option but to leave the food in waste. I feel that the chefs should fabricate the dishes that accepts Indian taste.

Despite the limitations, why should I take a tour or buy an item an IKEA Store?

We Indians were born and brought up using products imported from the US, UK and Germany. So why not take a taste of Swedish products and its Culture? I found the products trustworthy and long lasting. It is little expensive but worth buying it.

Tip: Use IKEA.India to help you find the products you are looking for. :

Ways to reach the IKEA Store

The most convenient and affordable way to reach IKEA store is to use Hyderabad Metro. Drop-in at Raidurg Metro station which is situated near Hitech City, from the Raidurg metro station the IKEA store is just a walking distance.

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