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My Travel Goals of 2020

Travel Fact: Russia is bigger than Pluto.

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Hello readers, I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2020. Every person in the world wants to make a new year resolution to achieve something this year in their life. For the travellers, the common resolution will be Ticking of their desired destinations in the bucket list. I too have travel goals, which I’m going to share you in this article today. Reading this article might give you the inspiration to travel more in 2020, So here we go!

  1. Trip to Bangladesh

I have been planning to visit for a few years, but couldn’t make it due to time and money constraints. It is 99% sure I will be visiting Bangladesh this year. The reason why I’m visiting Bangladesh instead of trending countries to visit is to get accustomed to abroad travel and store knowledge in my head about immigration and visa processing.

 It is painful to see Bangladesh didn’t offer visa-free arrival to the Indians despite helping them in liberation post-independence.

  • Travel every 3 months

This is a tricky one, considering my full-time job questions me whether I have the time to make it happen. I previously used to travel frequently, but due to my health issues, I could only manage to do 2 trips in a year. Travelling frequently will make me keep the passion alive and help you guys in making a travel itinerary, things to do and what to eat.

  • Improving my user base in social media

Brand awareness is important for my travel website to develop, reach and give the customer a great experience, Push notifications and email newsletters has been a flop for me after understanding the user research. So Facebook and Instagram are few of the options where I can build my user base and create a win-win situation for both the users and me.

  • Achieving travel awards

Achieving an award makes me feel happy and inspire me to win more and more. I have won a contest conducted by tripoto recently. Not only that, the more I win awards, the more I can build my portfolio and ask for collaborations which is one of my long term goals of the future.

  • Getting paid to Travel

This is one of the toughest things to achieve when you ask any traveller. I tried getting paid to travel by freelancing. It was hectic but somehow manage to fund half of my travels recently. I also understand the fact that my 9-5 job doesn’t make me rich in future, so I’m taking one step at a time to fund my travel and help you get paid to travel, which is million dollar dream for every millennial traveller.

Do you have any travel resolutions of 2020, share your opinion in the comments below.

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Santorini, Greece

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