Planning a trip to Chennai? Here are some Do’s and Donts.

Being a resident of Chennai for 8 years, I found that Chennai was all about culture, conservative and Carnatic music. Right from Desert like heat to Cyclonic rainfall, Chennai has a lot to offer to its residents and the tourists. Today I’m going to share you my Dos & Don’t in your trip to Chennai.


Do learn to speak few words in Tamil.

The people of Tamilnadu stay close to their language Tamil. This is the reasons why Chennai is one of the main cultural centres in India.  People don’t mind if you speak in broken Tamil, you will become their priority and help you in many things.

Eat Food in Banana Leaf!

Eating food in Banana leaf is considered sacred for the people in Chennai. If you are in Chennai for a wedding, the food will be served in Banana leaf which is not only the part of their culture but also is rich in health benefits backed by Science. Try eating food in Banana leaf and you will never forget the experience in your life.

Here is the satire for the Banana leaf – Banana leaf – Put Chutney


Never take an auto for commuting!

Before the birth of Uber/Ola, Auto rickshaws were the lifeline of Chennai. However, during my residence and ex-residence in Chennai, there was no change by auto rickshaws in putting the price down. So do not take an Auto at any costs, if you are a tourist to Chennai, it will be even worse than they will charge exorbitant price and burn a hole in your pocket.

Never Visit Chennai on Summers (March to June) and Monsoon (October to December)

Do not try to visit Chennai in above-mentioned months. Summer season displays its ruthless heat to the people and Monsoon season will be full of floods (remember the recent Chennai floods?) You can visit Chennai on July- September, as the weather is pleasant and balanced.

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