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My experience on travelling via flight for the first time.

How I felt after travelling via flight for the first time.

Flight is the fastest mode of transport. Gone were those days where travelling by flight was ideal only for rich individuals   Now, anyone in the world can afford to travel via flight. My first-time flight travel was way back in 2013, it was a memorable experience as it felt the adrenal rush and fear of heights during the journey. So today I’m going to share my first-time flight travel experience which will make you enjoy this article

I travelled on Indigo flight to Delhi, Once the plane started flying, I became nervous and started getting fear of heights, but I was also curious on how a heavy object can balance itself when on air.

I listened to safety instructions by the air hostess, everything has seemed new to me as a part of air travel experience. Right from pressing the button to call the airhostess to reading Indigo’s magazine.

Since this was my 1st flight, My heart skipped the beat when I looked at the sky in the window. Infact the 2 hour long flight has kept me at the edge of the seat, and I never had a dull moment in this journey. My ears got locked due to the turbulences.

On the other hand, the snacks on the airplane was very expensive. I bought 2 samosas for Rs 120.

Once I reached my destination, I felt a sense of achievement that I overcame the fear of heights. It then made me excited on my return flight for seeing the beautiful view outside.

Some tips I wanted to share for 1st time flight travelers

  1. Don’t take Window seat, you will get nervous
  2. Don’t buy stuff in the airport or in-flight meals, It is both expensive and unworthy.
  3. Come 2-3 hours early, so that you don’t need to stand in the queue.

Share your first time flight travel in the comments!

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