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Travelling for the first time vs Travelling frequently #5 year challenge

As they say “first impression is the best impression” I can still feel nostalgic when I traveled on my own for the 1st time and that in turn laid a benchmark to travel frequently, thereby making travel a part of my life.

Here is the 5 year challenge of my travel for the first time vs travelling frequently

Travelling Then : Was excited when my travel dates were nearing

Where I went : Delhi, Dehradun & Mussorie

Who doesn’t get excited when the travel dates are nearing. The curiosity level is high. When travelled first time on my own, it was also my first time in airtravel.

Travel now :  Still excited about the upcoming travel dates, I still don’t get bored of traveliing.

Next travel destination : Pondicherry, Bhutan or Bangladesh.

Travelling then : Stayed at Hotels for accommodation.

Staying at hotel was quite expensive as I used the room for sleeping or leisure. Many autos have suggested cheap hotels. But I didn’t listen to their word.

Travelling Now : Staying at cheap accommodation and backpackers hostels.

It was no looking back once I got mesmerized with the ambience of backpacker’s hostels. It was cheaper than 3 star hotels.

Traveling then : Used tourist cab for all the sightseeing spots

The transport costs were expensive, but it was the safest way to explore the city

Travelling Now : Exploring the city on public transport

Exploring the city by bus was a cheap and incredible experience. It helped me save money and travel frugally.

Travelling Then : Eating my favorite food in a big restaurant

I was less interested in explore the city’s cuisine

Travelling Now : Had fun in exploring the local cuisine

Eating local food had never been such fun.

Travelling then : I was on a vacation

Travelling now :  Travel has become a basic necessity of my life.

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