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How to choose your next travel destination! follow these 4 checklists

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The world is a big place. Every day, we see new places being unravelled, making them add in our bucket list. Despite more options being available, it becomes challenging to decide where to go on our next vacation. To overcome this problem I will share my tips on how to choose your next travel destination. As of now, Let us remove the budget factor.

1. Are you choosing the destination via peer pressure or user recommendation?

If you have selected the choice of choosing the destination because of peer pressure or envy rather than user recommendation, then you need to reconsider your travel plans.

Social media has become an integral part of sharing travelogues. Each day, we see people posting photos, videos of their travels. Unfortunately, Social media also becomes a trap for peer pressure and envy. People have started travelling more & more due to peer pressure rather than researching user recommendations.

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I recommend you to explore the places to enrich your soul, rather than being pretentious & posting travelogues for likes and comments. This would increase the joy of travelling.

I see people travelling to trending destinations like Goa, Ladakh etc because many of them are exploring these destinations, which spoils the beauty of the destination and thereby making the destinations overrated.

2. Is the destination transport friendly?

Check whether reaching the destination has a transport-friendly infrastructure, i.e. whether there are enough transport options available to reach your destination? Will the journey be exhausting? Will you have to wait for long hours when travelling via connecting flight? If any of the above questions seem to concern you, then you must again reconsider your travel plans!

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Let me tell you when I was living in Hyderabad, I planned to visit Darjeeling, but when I checked the distance and transport options, I realized that the journey to this beautiful hill station might be exhausting and I had to be patient with the journey. Same went with the Northeast states; due to poor transport infrastructure, I had to again reconsider my travel plans.

If you think, you are prepared to endure long journey or long waiting hours, just to explore the beautiful destinations, then do go ahead!

3. What do you want from travelling?

What is your travel mood right now?, Do you want to pack your bags just to take a break from routine life ( tourist) or do you want to explore new places and make new memories( traveller)?. Being clear with your trip plans will help you decide which destination you need to choose. If you are a tourist, you can choose something that is calm just like a pilgrimage, beaches or Hill stations, and if you are a traveller, you can choose something that involves adventurous activities or explore offbeat locations.

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However, you can also check out Trip tuner who will help you find your next destination based on your filters ????

4. How many days are enough for you?

Deciding on how many days you are willing to spend on sightseeing and activities will give you an extra icing on a cake in deciding your next travel destination. Just ensure whether the destination has enough tourist spots that can keep your vacation days preoccupied. Because if you are myopic with your travel itinerary, chances are, you might end up covering too many or too little tourist spots, which will make your trip dissatisfied.

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Use Visit-in app to help you with sightseeing itinerary.

Do you have any tips on choosing your next destination? Do let us know in the comments ???? 

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