My first impressions on the Wagah Border

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One of the famous tourist spots in Amritsar, the Wagah border divides the city of India’s Amritsar and Pakistan’s Lahore. It was a ½ hour drive from my hostel. I was one of the lucky people to get VIP pass to see the Pakistan border at closeup. It was a memorable experience and felt reaching […]

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Things I have found when I explored India

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Estimated reading time : 2 min India is synonymic for its history and hospitality. I have travelled to 15+ Indian cities, and each city gave me a new perspective about my country India. Right from Delhi seen from the country’s capital point of view to Ahmedabad being a commercial hub, India got its way of […]

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Safety tips on your Goa trip!

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Since its liberation from the Portuguese, Goa has flourished to become one of India’s & abroad’s popular destination since the millennium, all thanks to the Bollywood movies for promoting Goa tourism. But, Goa from my microscope is an epitome of urban forest, looks beautiful but easy to lose your way.  So today, I’m going to […]


Madurai: the city I travelled on my birthday!

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Estimated Reading time : 3 min I visited Madurai on my Birthday in 2014 and I felt like a gift to visit the cultural capital of Tamilnadu. Madurai has not only produced Kollywood’s popular celebrities like Maniratnam, Vishal, Vivek and Illayaraja but also, it has become the 2nd most sought-after filming location after Chennai. Madurai […]